Upcoming Events

This calendar includes both Fellowship Events and Service Opportunities. Listings on this calendar are limited to those events specifically committed to our singleness of purpose, including: group anniversaries and special events such as eating meetings; roundups and conventions put on by members of A.A.; District activities and events (for example, workshops, committee meetings, and/or the Old Timers’ Picnic); and activities sponsored by other A.A. entities, including Intergroup, Area One, etc. Activities and events hosted or offered by individual members, such as book studies, cookouts, pool parties, etc. will not be listed on the District 8 event calendar. For further information, see the District 8 Website Policy. All events are posted as a service to the A.A. community and inclusion on this calendar does not imply endorsement of that event, or affiliation with the group or committee hosting the event.
Fellowship Events are local and regional events put on by members of the fellowship for members of the fellowship, including eating meetings, anniversaries, round-ups, and conventions.
Service Opportunities are specific opportunities for service, including District and Area meetings, committee meetings, workshops, etc. Service meetings and workshops are typically closed—for A.A. members only.

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