Group Information Update Form

Use the form below to update your group profile on the website.  To change your group meeting information on the website calendar/A.A. Meeting Schedule, click here.  To change the information kept on file at the District, Area and General Service Office, including contact information (GSR/Alt. GSR), phone number(s), number of members, etc., download a Group Change Form, fill it out and turn it in to the District 8 Secretary.  To add a group event to the event calendar, click here.

You should be the individual responsible for keeping your group information up-to-date — GSR, Group Secretary, Group Chairman, or other as determined by your group.  Information updated here will be forwarded to the District Secretary and DCM for their information.  You can use this form to change the group description, add a group history, change or add photographs of the group (no photographs with identifiable people will be published), or add additional information you feel the public should know about your group.

Group Information:

Group Name: *
Brief Description:

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Landlord Name: (Church, School, or other Business. If the group is the sole occupant of commercial space, leave blank.)
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Group History:
You may provide a brief history in the field provided, or upload a Word document or pdf file.
Group History:
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Group Images:
You may provide an image to replace the main image on your group's profile, or additional image(s) for the profile. Reminder: in accordance with A.A.'s tradition of anonymity, we will not publish images that include identifiable people or private property.
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When the information you want to provide is correct, click the Submit button to send. If you wish to upload more files, simply fill the form out again, attaching additional files as needed.

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